Meet the locals

Abdul Dube
Karim Quabadi  
Sall Lam Toro 
Leif Dræby  
Cildo Meireles

Curated by
La’Toyah Christie and Felis Dos 
in collaboration with IFB

1st of May – 19th of June

Rul ned for dansk

Alongside the works of these artists  the show consist of stuff
- commercials - film - photographs - clothes - books - plates - posters and names.

This collection reaches from everyday objects to cultural, institutionl end regional icons collected appropriated and re-appropriated by La’Toyah Christie - Felis Dos and Institut Funder Bakke  

As a part of the show Abdul Dube graciously conducted what is known as a “fishbowl” talk.
The talk attempted as did the show to showcase the workings and conditions of racism in a provinsional context.


Institut Funder Bakke programmet 2021
er generøst støttet af:

Roskilde fesitval Fonden
Knud Højgaards Fond
Augustinus Fonden
Statens Kunstfond
Silkeborg Kommune
Det Obelske Familie Fond

  Loop video montage in 3 parts 

Anders Sørensen                                                  
Eventyret om den vidunderlige kartoffel,
Animation film

What is truly Scandinavian
, 2020
Advertising - film

Karim Quabadi
Regay Henderan ڕ`گای ھھندەران ,

Poster Til Guder Ånder og Aner , 2009
Silkeborg kunstmuseum (Museum Jorn)   

  Improved plantation car 1880                                

Arne Jacobsen

Chair innitially made for danish phamacutical company and great patron of the arts Novo Nodisk

Felis Dos, LaToyah Christie, IFB 
Riverboat, 2021
mixed media

Cildo Meireles                                                                  
zero real, 2013                                                                 
6.5 × 14.5 cm

Abdul Dube
Fetish - the collection you dont have to steal - and other erasures

Jamaican Rum 

plantation is a brand of rum operating out of France and owned by the Cognac House Pierre Ferrand

Can with Cirkelpigen print

Anna Maria Josephe Ben Touhami Bel-Kher, better known as Anna Bel-Kher, was born in 1928 in France. Daughter of a French woman and a Mali man, who was a nomad slave and later a soldier in France during the 1st War.

In the Danish capital she worked in different bars using the name Menifeltets Queen. Some say that Sikker Hansen, the illustrator who made the logo for CIrkelkaffe saw Anna dancing at

Galathea Kroen where she worked from 1952 to 1959. His drawing was inspired from this meeting.

Photos by Felis Dos, Per Pedersen and Judy wanjiku Jørgensen
Institut Funder Bakke
Æbeløvej 20,
Funder Bakke
8600 Silkeborg